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On May Holidays Russians will go to the UAE

The Emirates remain one of the most popular destinations for Russians.

The United Arab Emirates, along with Turkey, entered the rating of the most popular destinations for tourists from Russia for the May holidays. According to the data of travel industry players 21% of all bookings falls on the UAE, 50% – on Turkey. As a rule, tourists prefer to fly on April 29 and 30 and spend 7-9 nights abroad.

Russian citizens made more than 1.2 million trips to the United Arab Emirates in 2022. Thus, the UAE is among five most popular foreign destinations for Russians. Almost 910 thousand trips were made for tourist purposes, twice more than a year before. Along with this, the most popular destination was Turkey, the UAE ranked second.

Tourists arriving in the United Arab Emirates do not need to show a certificate of vaccination or the negative results of PCR-test to get on a flight. At the same time, passengers traveling with a stopover in Dubai must follow the requirements of their final destinations.

Earlier, the United Arab Emirates Federal Authority for Identification, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICP) urged all travelers to declare cash and valuables whose value exceeds 60,000 dirhams (or the equivalent amount in foreign currency).

The requirement is intended to ensure the safety of travelers and safeguard their money. Authorities have launched the electronic system Afseh specifically to disclose travelers’ financial information. You can register from anywhere in the world, in a few minutes – both before and during the trip.

The purpose of the Afseh system is to regulate the mechanisms that allow the import and export of money from the UAE in accordance with international laws and standards. The financial disclosure mechanism does not impose any taxes or fees on travelers.

The disclosure system includes penalties for violators based on uniform customs laws, as well as procedures for seizing valuables and handing them over to the competent law enforcement authorities. The authorities will also cooperate with various organizations and agencies related to the travel industry.

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