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Dubai has completed tests of robot couriers

Logistics company Aramex has successfully tested robot couriers.

One of the leading transport and logistics companies Aramex announced the successful completion of testing of robotic couriers, including drones. The tests took place within the framework of the “Delivery of the Future” program.

The program involves using intelligent delivery solutions and improving last-mile logistics. It is planned that robots will make the delivery of orders more economical and faster, as well as reduce harmful emissions.

The tests were conducted in partnership with BARQ EV, a commercial drone delivery service provider, and Kiwibot, a company operating in the delivery robotics segment. The drones are capable of multiple and continuous flights over long distances and in a variety of conditions.

Kiwibot’s unmanned ground delivery robots use high-tech sensors, cameras, radar and artificial intelligence to navigate through neighborhoods, as well as advanced GPS navigation to plot multiple routes.

In addition to autonomous delivery vehicles, Aramex has also launched mobile trucks, which allow control of drones and bots, and offer landing and drop-off points anywhere close to customers.

A new drone-based delivery service was being tested in Abu Dhabi in October 2022. The drones operate over short distances, delivering medicine, food and documents to different parts of the capital.

Subsequently, there are plans to deliver parcels and documents over long distances by drone as part of an initiative by Maqta Gateway, the digital division of AD Ports Group, Emirates Post and SkyGo, an air logistics service provider.

The service’s testing will help gauge demand for drone delivery services for small and medium-sized parcels – the delivery process can be tracked in real time. The commercial launch of the project is scheduled for 2023.

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