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A blogger was convicted of fraud in Dubai

Influencer will spend three months in jail for car sale fraud.

A Dubai criminal court has sentenced a female Influencer accused of fraudulently selling a car and defrauding buyers to three months in jail. The accused will also pay a fine of 153 thousand dirhams.

According to the case materials, in September 2021, a woman with thousands of subscribers on the social network Snapchat, posted an ad for the sale of luxury cars belonging to one of the noble families of the UAE, below market value.

When a buyer approached her, she asked him to transfer a deposit of Dh153,000 to the bank account of her Filipina housekeeper. When the buyer transferred the money but did not receive the car, he went to the police.

The police arrested both the blogger and her assistant. The prosecutor’s office charged the Influencer with fraud and ordered her to pay a fine equivalent to the amount of damages. The assistant was also ordered to pay a fine of 10 thousand dirhams.

In the spring of 2021, a social media star in Abu Dhabi was sentenced to three months in jail and a fine of AED 100,000 (US$ 27.3 thousand) for reckless behavior on the road.

As the metropolitan court found, the video blogger shot and posted on social networks a video in which he accelerates the car to a speed of 205 km / h. The court found the Influencer guilty of dangerous driving and endangering the lives of other road users.

In addition to the fine and imprisonment, the court ordered that the convicted man’s phone and car be confiscated, that he be disqualified from driving for six months, and that his social media page be deleted.

In January 2023, an Internet blogger, a citizen of a Gulf country, was convicted in Dubai for publicly insulting a hospital on the social network Instagram. The defendant paid a fine of 5 thousand dirhams. She was also ordered to remove the video containing offensive language.

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